Great Lakes Baseball Academy offers individual lessons or team training sessions with our renowned professional pitching and hitting instructors. Teams or individuals may also rent the entire facility or purchase time in our state of the art batting cages or hitting and pitching tunnels.

Instruction Pricing

Our instructors combine their professional baseball playing and coaching experience to tailor a lesson that will meet individual player needs and focus on skill development. Our Major League pricing level includes lessons with our experienced and premier Major League Baseball coaches. Our Minor League pricing level includes current and former minor league baseball players and coaches, and local high school coaches.

Instruction Type Length Instructor Price Schedule
Private Lesson 30 minutes Major League $55/session
$250 for five sessions
30 minutes Minor League $40/session
$175 for five sessions
Team Instruction 90 minutes Major League $35/person (minimum 10 people)
90 minutes Minor League $25/person (minimum 10 people)
Semi-Private Instruction 60 minutes   $50/person (2 people)
$45/person (3 people)
$40/person (4 people)

Facility Pricing

Our state of the art batting cages and pitching and hitting tunnels are available to the public for rental at 30 or 60 minute intervals. Our pitching machine can be rented in 15, 30, or 60 minute time blocks for players walking in to take advantage of our premier batting cage. Teams may also take advantage of our entire facility at one or two hour intervals. Please call if this does not meet the needs of you or your team. We are always willing to accommodate.

Facility Length Price Schedule
Batting Cage w/ Iron Mike 15 minutes $15
30 minutes $25
60 minutes $40
Hitting & Pitching Tunnel Rental 30 minutes $20
60 minutes $35
Team Rental for Entire Facility 60 minutes $90
120 minutes $160