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Bruce and Ken,

Just a short note to thank you for using your off season in the manner in which you do. Your passion and love for teaching this great game via the most effective communication methods I have ever seen is so evident to me, now and forward is what counts. Having him FEEL and SEE the difference in how his body worked, the way you did, is how he has always learned most effectively.

To GLBA Staff,

Just wanted to let you know my son has a great start to the season. He is tearing the cover off of the ball, he is 7 for 11 and has been intentionally walked twice already in 3 games, he put one off of the 240 sign in center field. He has 14 K's in 6 innings with 3 earned runs. Thanks for all your hard work!

Jordan and Trevor,

Thursday night we received great news that our son made the High School Baseball Team.  He is so excited to be a part of our high school baseball program and considers it an honor to play high school ball. We want to thank you for giving him the instruction that he needed to turn him from a good baseball player into a high school worthy player.   Both of you have been wonderful with our boys.  Your hitting and pitching instruction was clearly presented so they understood what was expected and how they can improve their performance in a sport that they love. We are looking forward to further training and taking their game to the next level.

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